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Patient Care America IDPN Patient Success Story:

DeAnna Chekouras

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NutriRite® IDPN Nutritional Therapy Provides

Dialysis Patient and Mother New Lease on Life

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Patient Care America IPN Patient Success Story:

Donald Belton

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“I believe IDPN is best suited for those patients that have tried everything to raise their serum albumin with no success. I have seen IDPN make some patients with a poor appetite feel better and regain their appetite. And, there are patients on tube feeding that benefit from this as an adjunct therapy (I have seen improvement in their labs). I would not use IDPN if it did not prove to be beneficial to our patients. The service received from Patient Care America has been wonderful – I go where the service and results are.”

SK, Culver City, CA

“Follow up call to the clinic. I spoke with the clinic manager who reports the patient is doing fabulous. Initially, the patient came to the clinic in a wheelchair, advanced to walker and is now walking without assistance. The patient had a significant amount of fluid and all the fluid is off. The Clinic Manager was very pleased with IDPN and will definitely use our services with other patients when needed.”

CG, Atlanta, GA

“We received a very nice compliment from the PD nurse today. She sent us in our 5th PD referral and said that she is delighted with our service. She was very impressed with the way Intake handled the referrals and coordinated the start of care. This month we started 4 PD patients at this clinic!”

RM, San Antonio, TX

“Spoke with the RD at the clinic. She said that the staff has used other pharmacies for IDPN in the past but were not as pleased with their performance as they are with ours. The staff loved the in-services and presentations from Arlene, and Rita, our clinical nurses. She said that they feel very comfortable with us and want to continue using Patient Care America.”

PS, San Diego, CA

“I recently had a conversation with a dietitian at one of our clinic accounts. She told me that she really just wants to use one provider. Our competitor’s customer service does not hold a candle to ours. One example she gave was relating to Infusion pumps. She said the one patient had even missed treatments while they were waiting on a replacement pump. I thanked her for the compliment!”

FD, Cleveland, OH

“I received a call this morning from a dietitian at one of our clinics. At the end of our conversation, she stated that Patient Care America will always be her provider of choicefrom now on. She has been so impressed with our “impeccable customer service” from the rep, to the pharmacy and of course our great intake team! She said she has even expressed this to her medical director who was pleased to hear it. She express to the Medical Director that our competitor ‘should take a page out these people’s book’.”

TF, Springfield, MA

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