Renal Nutrition Therapy & Services

NutriPlan 7℠

Like our name implies, Patient Care America truly cares for its patients. Because malnourished patients take time to replenish their amino acids and nutrients to a healthy level, we designed NutriPlan 7℠ to provide NutriRite™ patients with an additional oral protein boost. The NutriPlan 7℠ program allows patients an oral protein supplement on their non-dialysis days. This oral protein supplement is delivered to the patient through the dialysis center’s shipment of the patients NutriRite™ therapy, and is given to the patient to take at home during non-NutriRite™ days. NutriPlan 7℠ is available as a protein boost for 90 days following the start of NutriRite™ therapy.

The NutriPlan 7℠ oral protein boost while a patient is receiving IDPN (intradialytic parenteral nutrition) or NutriRite™ is clinically supported. Available evidence suggests that nutritional supplementation administered orally or parenterally is effective in the treatment of maintenance dialysis patients with protein-energy wasting in whom oral dietary intake from regular meals cannot maintain adequate nutritional stores (Ikizler TA, 2009). Please see Clinical Studies for more information.
To start your NutriRite™ patient on NutriPlan 7℠, please contact your NutriRite™ Specialist.