Renal Nutrition Therapy & Services

NutriPlan 7℠ Oral Protein Jumpstart

Like our name implies, Patient Care America truly cares for our patients. Because malnourished patients require time to replenish their amino acids and nutrients to a healthy level, we designed NutriPlan 7℠ to provide NutriRite® patients with an additional oral protein boost so they start feeling better sooner. Patients who sign up for the NutriPlan 7℠ program will receive four servings of oral protein supplements each week for the first 90 days they are on therapy. The supplements, either concentrated liquid protein or protein bars, arrive as part of the patient’s weekly shipment of NutriRite® IDPN or NutriRite Home™ IDPN or IPN bags and are sent home with in-clinic IDPN patients to be taken on days when they don’t have dialysis.

Patient Care America’s NutriPlan 7℠ Oral Protein Jumpstart is clinically supported to help IPN and IDPN patients. Available evidence suggests that nutritional supplementation administered orally or parenterally is effective in the treatment of maintenance dialysis patients with protein-energy wasting in whom oral dietary intake from regular meals cannot maintain adequate nutritional stores (Ikizler TA, 2009). Please see Clinical Studies for more information.

For more information on the NutriPlan 7℠ Oral Protein Jumpstart, please contact your area PCA manager.