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Peritoneal Dialysis Patient FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers on NutriRite™ Home IPN

Intraperitoneal Nutrition (IPN) is a source of protein for patients on peritoneal dialysis who are unable to meet their nutritional needs through oral means. The protein is absorbed through the peritoneal membrane and helps to reverse the presence of malnutrition and improve overall health. NutriRite™ Home is Patient Care America’s brand of IPN therapy.
Peritoneal dialysis patients routinely lose large amounts of protein through the peritoneal membrane. This loss depletes the body of the building blocks necessary to make protein and therefore keeps the patient in a constant malnourished state. NutriRite™ Home helps replenish this protein loss.
NutriRite™ Home is administered in the same method as your peritoneal dialysis (PD) exchanges, so no additional access site or needle stick is necessary.
NutriRite™ Home can be shipped to your home or any other location where you might be staying while traveling and administering your PD exchanges (as long as there is a place to store the NutriRite™ Home bags to keep them between 36º – 46º Fahrenheit).
No, the NutriRite™ Home bag will be substituted for one or two of your prescribed dialysate exchanges.
There is no potassium or phosphorus in NutriRite™ Home. The solution is made of amino acids (protein), which are added to your PD solution.
NutriRite™ Home mimics your dialysate solution that the physician and nurse have ordered. The only difference is that the amino acids (protein) are added in accordance to your physicians order.
The length of NutriRite™ Home therapy varies from person to person, is dependent on your nutritional goals and your degree of malnutrition. Your physician and dialysis unit staff will determine when you have reached these goals.
NutriRite™ Home does not affect daily fluid restriction.
Every patient responds differently to the administration of NutriRite™ Home. Monitor blood glucose level as recommended by your physician. Please consult your Patient Care America Clinical Pharmacist should you have any questions.
Yes. If you are utilizing a cycler, NutriRite Home can be administered as your last exchange for the longest dwell, as a manual exchange, or in place of a large cycler bag. A Patient Care America Clinical Pharmacist will consult with your dialysis team to determine the best option for you.