Heart Failure


Our Patient-Centered Services

Patient Care America’s CardioRite™ Advanced Heart Failure Program provides an improvement in quality of life over the long-term by focusing on a continuum of care for our patients including:

  • Tools for daily patient self-monitoring
  • Tele-monitoring upon request
  • Clinical pharmacist monitoring and reporting laboratory values
  • Cardiac nurse care in the home and follow-up for ordering physician
  • Dietitian services and overall wellness management
  • Delivery and in-home setup of supplies
  • In-home catheter care
  • Ambulatory infusion devices and training
  • 24/7 availability of pharmacists and RN
  • Clinical specialists for chronic disease management
  • And much more!

Patient Care America’s Patient-Centric, Three-Step Approach

  1. Referrals received with fast verification of insurance within 48 hours or less
  2. Supporting information gathered to help with pharmacy recommendation
  3. Coordinated patient shipment with clinical in-service training at patient’s bedside and home

Patient Care America provides exclusive patient services that compliment therapy and benefit the patient and their quality of life. From determining those patients that might benefit from CardioRite™ Inotropic Therapy and providing access to licensed pharmacists, nurses and dietitians that work on the patient’s behalf to ensuring HIPAA compliance and patient privacy, Patient Care America provides the care, experience and quality to ensure an exceptional patient experience.