About Patient Care America

Delivering A Patient-Specific Approach

Patient Care America is a healthcare service organization comprised of dedicated professionals committed to the highest quality patient care to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Our #1 priority is exceptional quality service in every single detail for healthcare professionals and their patients.

Patient Care America employees are at the forefront of this quality service and exceptional patient care. We are proud to provide patients with our patient-specific NutriRite® IDPN and NutriRite Home™ IDPN and IPN line of renal nutrition therapies, as well as our exclusive value-added patient services including NutriPlan 7℠ Oral Protein Jumpstart, NutriTrak℠ Quarterly Reports, and Patient Plus℠ Patient Education and Engagement Programs.

With the arrival of an even stronger Executive Leadership Team in the first half of 2014, Patient Care America rapidly grew its focus to support several complex chronic diseases. Remaining true to its Mission Statement and Operating Principles, Patient Care America continues to fuel its growth as it explores new therapies that can be created through the use of its specialty pharmaceutical and in-home infusion teams. In 2015, Patient Care America expanded its footprint by moving into a 28,000 square foot pharmacy with a state-of-the-art cleanroom in Pompano Beach, FL. Patient Care America looks forward to continuing to service physicians and patients to improve lives through its therapies and services.